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M.S Conduit Pipes

We are Manufacturing Rigid Steel Conduit Pipes. (Black & Hot dip Galvanized)
Manufacturing Conduit Pipes since Year 1942.
"SK Brand" Electrical conduit pipes are Black Stove
enamelled and hot dip Galvanized (Gl) with one socket, threads at both ends.
As per lS-9537 Part ll

Sizes in
Sizes in Outer Bundle Qty WALL THICKNESS
  Size in MM In MTR In SWG Thickness
in MM
¾ “ 20 91.50 16 1.60
1” 25 76.25 16 1.60
1.25” 32 45.75 16 1.60
1.50” 40 31.00 14 2.0
2.0” 50 21.35 14 2.0
MS Conduit Pipes
MSCP - 01

Steel conduit pipes are confirming to ISI 9537- Part II

Standard Lengths available is 3.0MTR LONG, however some customer demand special of 3.75 MTR / 4 MTR OR 6 MTR can also be provided.

Finish Available:

  1. Black Stove Enameled

Material Coating:

  1. inside surface
  2. outside surface (BOTH)

BRAND: SK BRAND / (S) (K) Brands ISI & Embossed on every.
All tests are passed as per IS: 9537 PART-II-1981
International Standards passed as per:
BS 4568

For a complete guide to the product ranges and finishes available from our SK Brand steel conduit pipes. Download the data sheet.
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